Our Story

HI! We are Jennifer and Randy, the co-creators of the Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

We are a sister and brother-in-law team that have known each other since we were knee high to a grasshopper.  Although we didn't share sippy cups, we have been known to polish off a bottle or two of wine. So it only makes sense that we created our flagship product, The Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass. It makes drinking from the bottle FUN! No more looks of judgement drinking straight from the bottle!

But we didn't stop there!

Why should wine drinkers have all the FUN! We also created the Guzzle Buddy Beer Bottle Glass for all those die hard beer lovers. Yep that's right, we wanted the whole bottle to ourselves. Pouring is Boring!  Besides... now we can say we "had just one glass"!

If you want to be the center of attention at your next gathering the Guzzle Buddy needs to be your "Plus One"!

Not only is drinking from the Guzzle Buddy easy but it makes you look younger.  These guys are in their 80's!  

Did we mention it fits in soda and cider bottles too!!

Now don’t worry, we didn’t stop at wine.

Our Guzzle Buddies fit in most bottles of beer, cider, and soda too! We won’t stop until everybody has a Guzzle Buddy.