Caramel Apple Cider

In the mood for a caramel apple, and you have your in-laws in town? Looking for something new and special out of your hard apple cider?  Guzzle Buddy®'s got you covered. Use Guzzle Buddy® to turn your plain hard apple cider into a caramel apple treat. All it takes is some caramel syrup and a few flicks of the wrist. Here are the steps:

1. Screw Guzzle Buddy® into your hard apple cider of choice.

2. Drizzle it generously with caramel.

3. Drink your Guzzle Buddy® like normal.Your cider will swish through the caramel in the glass adding a rich sweetness and festive fun to your drink.

Pouring is boring, so take your Guzzle Buddy® to the limit! Try this tip and others and be sure to share  all the great Guzzle Buddy® ideas you come up with below!

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