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"Drinking straight from the bottle is frowned upon by mostly everyone. But it might not be after you check out the Guzzle Buddy." Thrillist.com

Allow us to introduce the Guzzle Buddy® Wine Bottle Glass, hailed as the eighth wonder of the wine world. Forget the notion that combining innovation with audacity is reserved for mad scientists – this ingenious glass goes beyond sipping; it plugs directly into your bottle, transforming it into your fearless drinking companion. Bid adieu to dull wine pours and say hello to Plug It and Chug It®, a surefire party enhancer that'll make you the life of the party!!
This groundbreaking creation redefines "just one glass," urging you to seize the spotlight, demolish social norms, and craft memories wild enough to put even your craziest anecdotes to shame. Crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass (fancy, huh?) or unbreakable Tritan plastic, it snugly fits into your wine bottle with a silicone sleeve, guaranteeing mess-free gulps straight from the bottle, sparing your crisp white t-shirt from a wine-splattered Jackson Pollock makeover. So, if you're on the prowl for the ultimate wine lover's gift, your quest ends here. The Guzzle Buddy® Wine Bottle Glass isn't mere novelty; it's unadulterated FUN that'll have your wine-loving friends grinning ear to ear. Grab one, two, or a few, and let the good times flow!