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Secure Fit and Tight Seal

Simply screw in the Guzzle Buddy (made from strong borosilicate glass) and tonight you will be drinking straight from the bottle! Tilt the bottle up and drink normally, no splash, and no mess. If you can drink from a cup, you can drink from the Guzzle Buddy. Tell your jealous friends to go get their own Guzzle Buddy and bottle!


AVAILABLE ON AMAZON Mid November 2016!

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Fun Novelty Wine Glass

Great for weddings, brides and grooms, bachelorette parties, house warming, kitchen gift, birthday, anniversary or when you are just too dang lazy to get off the sofa and go pour another glass!

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Guzzle Buddy tm instructions

Pouring wine is such a chore! No more wasting time pouring or empty glasses. Grab your Guzzle Buddy and follow these three easy steps. 
  1. Open your favorite bottle of wine. 
  2. Insert the Guzzle Buddy by screwing it directly into the top of your bottle. 
  3. Tilt the bottle and enjoy drinking straight from your wine bottle glass.