Q. Why not just drink straight from the bottle of beer or soda?

A. This is our favorite question! To begin with, drinking from the Guzzle Buddy® is just plain fun and you won’t believe the attention you get when drinking from it!

Even more importantly, the taste of your beverage cannot be fully appreciated because studies have shown that aroma plays a huge role in the perception of flavor. Researchers suggest that when we taste something, as much as 80 percent can be attributed to the smell. That’s why drinking beer or soda directly from the bottle is like eating your favorite food when you have a cold. It just plain tastes BLAH! When you drink directly from the bottle, it removes the sense of smell and the very first thing you experience is that sharp carbonic burst that slams against your tongue and throat, rushing down into your gut where all that carbon dioxide is released causing the dreaded belly bloat resulting in the trumpeting sound of you belching!

Now imagine plugging the Guzzle Buddy® into your favorite beer or soda. As you tilt back the bottle, the liquid streams down the inside of the glass allowing the carbonated bubbles to burst releasing those wonderful aromas that you inhale. Those aromas mix with the tasty flavors on your tongue giving you the truly amazing flavor that the manufacturer intended for you to experience.


Q. “Wine not” drink straight from the bottle of wine?

A. As described by Thrillist.com Oct. 15th, 2016 “Drinking from the bottle is frowned upon by most people, but it may not be if you use a Guzzle Buddy.”

Using the Guzzle Buddy® is a fun way to drink from the bottle with “Class.” It is also one of the best ways to become the center of attention and the life of the party!

On a more scientific note, when you drink directly from the bottle you lose the sense of smell that adds to the flavor of the wine. When you use a Guzzle Buddy®, the wine flows thru the restricted area inside the stem, and as it exists the stem it thins out over the inside of the glass. This increases the surface area exposing the wine to oxygen allowing it to aerate. This releases the flavors and aromas so you can more fully appreciate how the wine maker intended their creation to be experienced.


Q. What is the Original Guzzle Buddy® made of it feels really solid?

A. Guzzle Buddy® is made from a strong borosilicate glass and the sleeve is made from 100% silicone.


Q.  Can the Guzzle Buddy® break?

A. Yes, it can break.  It’s a glass. The earth is round, and gravity is real.  Some things are facts. And this my friend is a fact. By the way… Drink Responsibly.  (We recommend washing it by hand but it’s dishwasher safe top rack)


Q.  Why don’t you make one that doesn’t break?

A. Just hold your horses cowboy!  We have an unbreakable version called the Guzzle Buddy 2 GO®! It’s made from Tritan, and it’s the highest quality copolyester BPA free material available in the world. We don’t cut corners, my friend.  We believe in only the best for our customers! If you like camping, tailgating, or you just haven’t quite mastered walking and chewing gum at the same time… this may be the one for you.


Q. Is there a valve to stop my drink from flowing back into the bottle?

A. No! Are you insane?!? The Guzzle Buddy® turns your bottle into YOUR glass! That backwash is all yours!  Now you can say… Tonight, I’m only having ONE glass, get your own bottle!


Q.  If I use the Guzzle Buddy® do I have to drink the whole bottle myself?

A. No, not at all.  Just remember you’re a quitter and no one likes a quitter.


Q. This thing looks kind of hard to drink out of, will I be able to “do it”?

A. It’s actually very simple to drink from the Guzzle Buddy®. You have actually been training for drinking since you were a very young child and your mom gave you your first "sippy cup."  Seriously, if you can drink from a glass you can drink from the Guzzle Buddy®.


Q. Does the Guzzle Buddy® make a good gift?

A. Are you kidding? Does a bear shit in in woods?!?  Guzzle Buddy® makes the perfect gift for every wine or beer lover! Wanna hear a secret?  It works in Soda and Cider bottles too!


Q. I sometimes feel like people are staring at me when I drink straight from the bottle. Can you help?

A. Of course!  Guzzle Buddy® makes drinking from the bottle CLASSY! No more looks of judgment! Now you can drink “from the bottle” all sophisticated like. Ain’t that right Marge?


Q. I bought a Guzzle Buddy® and took it to a party. Everyone went crazy and tried to take it!  What should I do?

A. You should tell your jealous friends to get their own Guzzle Buddy®!


Q. My great Aunt Ethel loves cheap wine and reruns of Hee Haw. Would the Guzzle Buddy® be a good gift for her?

A. Heck yes, it would!  With a Guzzle Buddy®, she can binge watch all her favorite episodes from the comfort of her plaid recliner chair and not have to keep getting up to refill her glass! Besides, every time she gets up she disturbs all the cats on her lap.


Q. Does the Guzzle Buddy® fit in all bottles?

A. The short answer is no, but it does fit in MOST bottles.

The long answer is… There is not really a standard size opening for bottles. They vary by brand to brand and country to country. We have sold Guzzle Buddies all over the world and we have found that they fit nicely in most bottles. Basically, “all” is a really a broad term and we have found after extensive drinking, uh research, that scientifically speaking the Guzzle Buddy® fits in most.


Q. Do you guys really drink alcohol from those bottles in your pictures and videos or is it grape juice or something?

A. Your dang right we do!  Day drinking has become part of the job description! We do it for you, the consumer! It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it! We would never spit out wine or fake drink a cold beer.  Momma didn’t raise no quitter!


Q. How long does it take you guys to process my order?

A. It takes 1 - 2 BUSINESS days to process your order… then we will ship it out!  No, nice try... Saturdays and Sundays are not business days!  No child labor here! Our workers are grown adults and have families, besides they need to rest their fingers from boxing up Guzzle Buddies!


Q. But how will I know when it ships?

A. Lucky for you, we invented this thing called the internet, and we will shoot you an email as soon as we ship out your order!  We know, we are amazing!  If you don’t know what the internet is, ask AL Gore.


Q. Where does my Guzzle Buddy® ship from?  

A. They ship from the good ol' USA!  Portland, Oregon to be exact.  So if you live in another country make sure you check with your local laws because taxes and duties may apply and you get to pay for those! Actually, please note that all applicable fees are the responsibility of the customer as they are NOT included in shipping.


Q. You guys sound funny, do you want to hang out sometime?

A. Uhmmm... thanks we like to think we are and no, probably not. Our mama's always said not to talk to strangers.