Guzzle Buddy® 2GO

Guzzle Buddy 2GO Unbreakable - Tritan Plastic Beer Bottle Glass "Insert Cold One Here"

The 12 oz. Guzzle Buddy® 2GO Unbreakable Beer Bottle Glass is made from Tritan copolyester and uses a 100% silicone sleeve that screws gently into most bottles to provide a perfect seal. It’s PBA Free, odor free, and won’t crack or yellow overtime like acrylic or other cheap plastics. Simply screw the glass into your favorite bottle and drink. Millions of carbonated bubbles burst in the glass enhancing the flavor of your favorite beer, soda or cider.  When you drink straight from the bottle you miss all those flavors because 80% of taste comes from smell, not to mention it can make you bloated and burp.  Friends don’t let friends drink from the bottle!



The Guzzle Buddy® 2GO Unbreakable Beer Bottle Glass is a HILARIOUS GIFT for beer lovers or anyone who wants to be the "hit" of the party! It’s the perfect drinkware for bars, beaches, or just hangin’ by the pool! It's FREEZER SAFE, so now you can enjoy an icy cold, frosty glass! Hint: Did you know this glass makes the ultimate root beer float? Just plug it into your favorite root beer, toss in a couple scoops of ice cream and you’re ready to go! CLEANING IS EASY! Just put it in the dishwasher top rack overnight, and it’s sparkling clean the next morning.



Add some class to drinking straight from the bottle, just...



Plug It and Chug It!!®